Spotlight on the Keep: Celebrating Women, Spouses, and Businesses

July 5, 2024

Welcome to our occasional series where we shine a light on some of the incredible women, spouses, and businesses that call the Keep their home. Nestled in this vibrant community, you'll find a tapestry of inspiring stories, innovative ventures, and dedicated individuals making a difference. From entrepreneurs and artists to supportive partners and leaders, the Keep is a thriving hub of talent and passion. Join us as we explore the unique contributions and remarkable journeys of these amazing people, highlighting their successes and the vibrant spirit that makes the Keep a truly special place.

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa, Storme has always possessed an inherent passion for creativity. Her journey took a significant turn in 2015 when she married her military partner, David and joined him in London. What began as a career in commercial and television photographic hair and makeup soon transformed into something much more profound after her own wedding experience ignited a new-found passion for the bridal industry.

In London, Storme embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, starting a business centred around the joy and excitement of weddings. With her unique blend of professional expertise and personal insight as a bride, she created a space where brides feel understood and cherished. Each bridal consultation is an opportunity for Storme to share in the excitement of her clients, listening to their plans and ensuring their vision for the big day can be brought to life. In addition to Storme herself, this is also a family venture, supported by Em—Storme's mother— whose unwavering support has been instrumental in the business's growth. Storme says: "Having my mum working alongside me in the business has been a tremendous blessing, especially as a military wife. Her support not only eases the challenges of running a business but also brings a sense of stability and understanding that is priceless during uncertain times."

Now living in Kingston upon Thames with her husband,and mum, Storme faces the unique challenges that come with being a military spouse. The frequent relocations, unpredictable schedules, and periods of separation are just a few of the difficulties that service families often navigate. Despite these challenges, Storme's determination and resilience shine through, allowing her to not only sustain but grow her business.

Through sheer dedication, Storme's venture blossomed from a one-woman show into a thriving company employing numerous artists and a photgraphic and make up studio in Thames Ditton. Her success is a testament to her talent, hard work, and the supportive community she cultivated around her.

Today, Storme is more than just a successful business owner; she is an ambassador for Keepability, a programme dedicated to empowering spouses and family members. In this role, she shares her journey, offering guidance and inspiration to others in similar situations. Storme's story is a powerful example of what can be achieved.

On her days off, Storme enjoys walks along the river or in Richmond Park with her dogs, finding solace and inspiration in nature. Her journey from Cape Town to London, from a freelance artist to a successful entrepreneur and ambassador, illustrates her unwavering spirit and the limitless possibilities for military spouses who dare to dream and work towards their goals. Storme's story is a beacon of hope and a source of encouragement for many, proving that with passion and perseverance, success is within reach.